tRASHY will be donating 15% of the proceeds on all purchases using the KESLAN promo code to Mona Relief—a local charity based in Sana’a Yemen.

The aid from Mona Relief will go towards food, medicine, and other basic necessities such as beds, blankets, and classroom FURNITURE. 

tRASHY CLOTHING first started off as an online social experiment in March of 2017 to raise awareness regarding Palestinian and Middle Eastern culture alongside the Arabic language and their ties to terrorism. Due to public interest, the brand launched in July of the same year.

The concept is to take refugee clothing that is perceived by the privileged as “trashy,” and convert it into fashion to reclaim the term itself. Old city markets and thrift shops are also inspirations for the brand’s designs. A value that the company holds is giving back to our society and fellow refugees. Thus, the company will be donating 15% of the profits made per item purchased, to Syrian and Palestinian refugee camps.