Khabar Keslan is an independently run, volunteer based review aiming to empower the arts, activism, and cross-community solidarity initiatives surrounding the Middle East, North Africa, and South [East] Asia (MENASEA).



In our previous issue, we probed the constitution of identity. To what extent are our subjectivities and relationships formed by the governing structures we exist within? What about the food we eat or the layout of the geography? By focusing on points of overlap, we necessarily investigate parts that don’t; the contours, the limits, the boundaries of any form of distinction, institutionalized or not.

EDGE was thus born out of the ambiguous relationship between representation and precarity. Does more visibility make the marginalized more vulnerable? How do we describe the relationship between the periphery and center? Can they exist independently? We began without always knowing the question, but guided by our memories, observations, crossing of boundaries, cultural, emotional, gendered, national, religious.

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Cover design by Knar Hovakimyan.

Cover design by Knar Hovakimyan.