Khabar Keslan is an independently run, volunteer based review aiming to empower the arts, activism, and cross-community solidarity initiatives surrounding the Middle East, North Africa, and South [East] Asia (MENASEA).


SOURCE interrogates our overlapping roots, seeking to broaden our notions of the archive. Dynasties come and go, obscuring our access to the past. To ask questions, we often turn to libraries, museums, and monuments—which, unlike people, do not wander. But where can we look to find the wanderers? Which objects tell their stories?

The contributors to this fourth issue demonstrate our power to produce our own histories, unmarred by the legacy of empire. They study the composition of their soils: matriarchal face tattoos, listening to Mozart in Syria, cycles. They reclaim our identities from those who have exploited them: our hair, our narratives, and our alienation. And they remind us of a heritage of survival: prison reform and protest justice, skating and fishing, birthdays. Most importantly, they show that, wherever we are and whether or not we know it, we carry our stories with us.

Cover design by Knar Hovakimyan.

Cover design by Knar Hovakimyan.



At, across, along, on, around, in, of, out of, beyond. An awareness of precipice: a spatial, temporal, emotional boundary, perceived, approached or nearly crossed.
The periphery is a place most of us know well. But, from the margins, we can re-imagine, ignore, destabilize, pull apart, pivot. We intersect and create new centers altogether.
EDGE reaches past the center to examine the divided, the contained, the container, and ask: What is excluded? What can be included only in the margins? How have we made our mental maps? Where do they become blurry? What happens when they overlap?