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Khabar Keslan is an independently run, volunteer based review aiming to empower the arts, activism, and cross-community solidarity initiatives surrounding the Middle East, North Africa, and South [East] Asia (MENASEA).


an online review featuring art and critique
from the middle east, south asia, and africa



Original art by Mohamed Khalid.

Original art by Mohamed Khalid.

When you’ve moved more times than you can count, uprooted from very different soils, at some point, you’ll get anxious. You’ll stare longingly out a window, down a street, through a doorway. How can you know for certain that the life you’re about to leave behind will keep on? Once you’ve left, does it stop existing altogether? Eventually, when your plane takes off or you pull out of the driveway, that last sliver of home in your periphery is replaced by clouds and wisps whizzing by. You’re about to plant yourself anew—but until you’re in the soil, do you exist? You’re now in-between...