Unseeing Eye عينٌ لا تُبصر

by Nour Hifaoui Fakhoury

This work appears in Khabar Keslan Issue 1. DISORIENT

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In a violent society, anxiety rules our core of being.  Not being able to free ourselves from our egoistic decisions, we find ourselves lost between our perception of reality and reality itself. People are drawn by their instinct to procreate without considering the consequences nor evaluating the danger of our current world. Through these illustrations, I try to portray the cruelty inside us as we try to liberate ourselves from it.

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Nour Hifaoui Fakhoury is an illustrator and comic artist based in Lebanon. Living in a city like Beirut,  you cannot but become involved in the chaotic and social struggle. This is what I try to translate through my art. Recently, with a couple of friends we created a comics collective, called Zeez.