Mish Min El Marikh

by Rawand Issa

This work appears in Khabar Keslan Issue 1. DISORIENT

Without any collaboration with publishing houses, or any commitment to the rules of the market, “Mish Min El Marikh/Not from Mars” illustration zine was created. These four images are excerpts from four sections in the zine. 

The zine speaks to relatable personal situations. They are common to many of us insofar as the personal is always in one way or another also political and thus public. 

This publication’s goal is not meant for profit, rather merely to be seen, and to be seen through it.

Mish Men ElMarikh-11.jpg
Mish Men ElMarikh-8.jpg
Mish Men ElMarikh-15.jpg
Mish Men ElMarikh-20.jpg

Rawand Issa was born in 1992. She worked as a writer/journalist for five years in Lebanon. In 2015 she decided to make a switch in her career, and jumped to illustration and comic making. She published two publications, Mish Men El Marikh/Not from Mars and 22 August. Her illustrations were published in different magazines in Lebanon, and she’s currently publishing a one page comic strip at the monthly magazine of The Legal Agenda.