Khabar Keslan accepts original short stories, academic papers, think-pieces, interviews, plays, translations, visual arts, poems, interviews, reviews, critiques, playlists, or anything else centered around discussions of identity, cross-community solidarity, creativity, critique, and activism relating to the Middle East, Americas, Africa, Asia.

Issue 4. EDGE

At, across, along, on, around, in, of, out of, beyond. An awareness of precipice: a spatial, temporal, emotional boundary, perceived, approached or nearly crossed.
The periphery is a place we know well. But, from the margins, we can re-imagine, ignore, destabilize, pull apart, pivot. We intersect and create new centers altogether.
EDGE reaches beyond the center to examine the divided, the contained, the container, and ask: What is excluded? What can be included only in the margins? How have we made our mental maps? Where do they become blurry? What happens when they overlap?


periphery, outlier, difference, underground, liminal, margin, fringe, verge, corners, subculture, assimilated, ignored, mosaic, limit, frontier, threshold, presence, visibility, border, precipice, clarity, overlap, stress, peak, limbo, controversy

How do I submit?

Please see 'Writing Guidelines' for more information on written submissions.



Khabar Keslan welcomes all ideas and will work with contributors to enact their goal. If you've ever wanted to interview your idol, do a long-form study on a topic that could use some expertise, or work on your creative writing, we will ensure you get the support you want. Send your pitch to editor[at] The pitch shouldn't be longer than 300 words, and should include information on what you plan to create with a short bio (in third person). The pitch should include: information on what the end-result will be (an essay, a poem, a short story, etc.), the themes it will explore, and how—if at all—it relates to the theme. We prefer Microsoft Word documents but understand if you don't have access to it. Please title your email "PITCH [FULL NAME] [TITLE OF SUBMISSION].



Send your completed manuscript to editor[at] Before sending, please make sure that the piece is no more than 3'500 words, includes hyperlinks rather than footnotes, has a short summary blurb that acts as a diving board for the piece, and contains a short bio (in third person). Note that we do make exceptions for longer pieces. We prefer Microsoft Word documents but understand if you don't have access to it. Please title your email "MANUSCRIPT [FULL NAME] [TITLE OF SUBMISSION].



Send your art to editor[at] Your visual submission should include a title for the piece/series, be a minimum of 300 DPI/720p, and include an artist statement with a short biography (in third person). If you're having trouble with yours (or have never written one before) please make note of this in your submission email so that we can connect you with our dedicated team of artists and curators who can provide support. We prefer Microsoft Word documents but understand if you don't have access to it. Please title your email "ART [FULL NAME] [TITLE OF SUBMISSION] [NUMBER OF PIECES].


*Note: If you want to contribute but don't know exactly how, don’t worry: we're here to help! Shoot us an email with some ideas.

What Happens once I submit?

  • Pitches and submissions are circulated throughout Khabar Keslan's editorial collective, and occasionally to outside readers with special expertise.

  • We inform authors of editorial decisions within a month. Once confirmed, we will connect you with an editor who will oversee and support the project to completion.

  • We will then circulate the final drafts to our editorial collective for consideration to be included in next issue (currently, Issue 4. EDGE).

  • Contributors will then be contacted regarding our final decision.

  • We feature all submissions, once completed, on our website.