by Hawazin Alotaibi


As the title of the work might suggest, Stupor, (Pronounced in German) is a painting about the state of the unconscious mind. It is made to convey what is buried in our unconsciousness, whether it be memories or the present. Thus, the internal personal space in our heads. A space that is occupied with thoughts and daydreams of imagination, personal dialogues, replays of the past and such, and how they are relevant to our external reality and their transition into our world.

The landscapes in the painting are painted from my memory and photographs I took from a recent trip to Switzerland and Germany. As of recently, I have been interested in using media with my paintings, such as music and animation. Every element I add to my work serves as an instrument, where they all work together to create a certain emotion, just as most songs and musical pieces do. These elements or tools each work to emphasize a certain feeling more than the other and if they all successfully work together, it draws the viewer deeper and deeper into a different ambiance, whether it be one that they personally feel or one that I am aiming for.

Hawazin Alotaibi: A 24-year-old Saudi artist born and raised in the United States, studying painting at University of the Arts London. Most of my work seeks to express stories and feelings that are relevant to the human psychological connection and reaction to nature, music, technology and architecture. Currently,  I make instillations of paintings with sound art and animation.