Grow Along

by Hajer AKA Eclectic Yemeni

Grow Along.jpg

It’s possible to get over the pain of losing someone, but is it possible to get rid of the pain of losing yourself? 

Who do you trust to bring yourself back when you’re lost? 

What do you trust to bring yourself back when you’re lost? 

To me, whenever I feel lost, I take a step back and take a closer look at my struggles. I look into how that is affecting me, and it shapes who I am.

The hardships I’ve faced of accepting myself as a whole—mind, body, and soul—are countless. And with every new struggle, I lose and gain a part of who I am and who I will be respectively. 

The past is cruel; the future is pivotal. But for me, my struggles are the inception and conclusion of my existence. They are growth...

Grow Along2.jpg

Hajer, who goes with the name Eclectic Yemeni is a female artist/illustrator, from the city of Sanaa, Yemen. Her work concentrates on women of her culture and society along with their struggles and strengths; and how that reflects on her own life. Her artwork varies from watercolor illustration to oil painting to digital animation. Her strength comes from the way she slowly tutors herself into new art mediums. As an artist, she is aiming to inspire arab women; especially the Yemeni aspiring artists to fight for their rights and to believe in their endowment.