by Salafi Cowboy & Openism

Join Salafi Cowboy and Openism this Saturday (8/12) in Los Angeles for Ahwa: a truly collaborative event showcasing visual art, music, and -- of course -- coffee. Ahwa is the start of a new kind of representative event: informative, entertaining, and radically expressive. Check out their lineup.


Most traditional ahwa’s (coffee shops) in the Arab world are essentially DIY spaces. No frills, no fuss: typically, all you need to start one is a location/sidewalk, some plastic chairs & tables, and glass mugs. The offerings are simple & affordable. Turkish coffee (served plain or with sugar and milk), a variety of teas, and shisha can all be purchased for fractions of what you’d pay at other, westernized cafes in a given area. And unlike those pricey, hyper-curated cafes, ahwas place less emphasis on aesthetics than the a3da itself (setting or ambiance) — an aspect that makes them versatile public spaces at which people can convene, talk politics, watch soccer games, read the newspaper, play games, etc.

Seeking to remix the ahwa in our own context—Southern California—Salafi Cowboy will be throwing a pop-up ahwa and art show on August 12th from 4 pm – 11 pm.  We’ll be showcasing art from friends based throughout America & the Middle East, along with pieces from our Abou Naddara collection. Traditional Turkish coffee will be served in addition to french press coffee, an assortment of loose leaf teas, and Arab desserts. Toward the evening the ahwa will segue into a panel featuring HAK (formerly of Ratking), hosted by Ibrahim and Yousef, and then to a g(nar) line up of DJ sets and musical performances.

All we ask is that you bring good vibes, an open mindset, and comfortable shoes for dancing.

See you there!




Ahwa includes, but is not limited to:


HAK (previously Ratking)


Sarah Ahmad (of Jaffat el Aqlam)


Turbo T. Double 


Aaron Shadrow 




Ike Muna


Nicola Florimbi


Salafi Cowboy is a label by Yousef Hilmy (Lord Levant) & Ibrahim Mimou (OPENISM).

Openism is clothing label designed by Ibrahim Mimou, based in Los Angeles & Dubai.