Dear Deerah

by Shoug Sagur

This work appears in Khabar Keslan Issue 1. DISORIENT

These pictures are taken in Deerah, Riyadh, in the heart of Saudi Arabia’s capital, a historical place. I wanted to show people—young people especially—that our country is worth discovering. There’s more than massive malls or cafes to hang out at. There’s beauty, stories deserving more attention, abandoned by locals. Why is it so weird for me to walk these streets? Why does every foreign person who passes by me look surprised that I’m here? Didn’t Saudis leave these places? We need to search more, to save our culture from vanishing. We should be proud of our identity.


The photos above were submitted but not included in Issue 1. DISORIENT

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Shoug Sagur—a 20 year old artist, photographer, filmmaker, architecture student from Saudi Arabia—started her journey as a writer and a street photographer when she was twelve years old.