These pieces were created out of frustration towards the lack of compassion and empathy towards refugees in the United States. Many have it very easy and never experienced anything remotely close to the hell that war is. For that reason, headlines are read without understanding. 

With these, I focused on the narcissism that has trickled down from those who capture the most attention. It has run rampant in recent years — most apparent during the Syria crisis. The desired result was for people to question who they view as role models, and also to be aware of negative traits subtly pushed through simple Instagram posts.

The Dirty Saint is a brand in the works that aims to mix pop culture references, humor, and current trends to provide subtle social commentary. This softer approach will help spread messages easier and to people who wouldn't typically be involved with certain causes. If the brand changes one mind on an issue, it will be considered a success.

This work appears in Khabar Keslan Issue 0. MEDIUM