The Lebanese Way

by Adnan Samman

This work appears in Khabar Keslan Issue 2. PASSAGE

Layers of Beirut .png

My work almost always comes to life on its own. I start by brainstorming a general concept, and then immediately begin my attempts at realizing it. The process is much more rewarding when one gives freedom to the spontaneous side of the brain! My collages start to take shape, then it gets to the point where both the self and the work become actualized and satisfied. There is usually some sort of concept in my mind, but I tend to leave things open for interpretation by the viewer. I’ve been interested to see works hold different meanings depending on the viewer. 

One of my recent series focuses on Lebanon. I chose Lebanon for its incredible story of dealing with decades of war. I love contrast; there’s a beautiful one within the stories of civil war. I don’t think that many people would remember the delightful details of a happy Lebanese life when they see images of war and violence, and vice versa. I try to bring both together to create contradiction.

We Live For The Country.png

Adnan Samman is a musician and visual artist from Syria. He has lived between Jordan and Saudi Arabia since 2011. His work revolves around the unification of disparate images and forms, both imagery or sounds, to create alternate narratives to those shown in the media. In 2016, Adnan participated in a well received exhibition at the prestigious Central Saint Martins University in London.